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One Key

My granddaughter's bus driver commented as she (my granddaughter, not the bus driver) sprinted to the bus, climbed up the steps and enthusiastically threw herself onto the seat, "I wish I had the key to all her energy."  

"Yep," I agreed after a difficult morning of tears and temper tantrums one minute and enthusiams the next, "I wouldn't mind a whole box of keys to figure out how kids work."

The bus driver laughed.  "That's what we (bus drivers) need.  A box of keys to unlock the mysteries of kids' minds.  And I'd share too."  

We both laughed as she closed the door and drove off but the idea stuck with me.  Mind-body-spirit, what would I unlock with a box of keys?  It took a while but I finally narrowed it down to one key.  That's all I'd need.  I would unlock the key to my full potential or self fulfillment.  It sounds selfish since I wouldn't use my key to end world hunger or cure disease but I am not a farmer, doctor or researcher.  Reaching my full potential would mean that I could fulfill whatever tasks I have been put here to do to the best of my ability.  Right now that means raising children and being a good wife.  Perhaps there are other tasks I should be attending to but I can't see them because I haven't matured enough.  It's hokey, I know, to say that I want to be all that I can be but really, what else can we strive for?  It's not like I can be all that you can be or all that someone else thinks I should be.  Imagine what the world would be if each person could reach their full potential.  The mind boggles.  

All it would take is one key.  If I find mine, I'll let you know.