July 6th, 2008


Things I appreciate (today)

An unexpected breeze while I am walking or running.

The sound of that breeze rustling the leaves in the trees.

The smell of freshly mowed grass and flowers blooming.

Peanut butter cookies (my current craving).

Kids or dogs leaning against me for a quick hug or pat.

A text message from my husband telling me he loves me.

Children who clean up a mess after they’ve made it without being asked and who throw their trash in the garbage.

Waves lapping against my feet.

A movie or tv program that grabs my emotions and takes them for a ride.

Lots and lots of music.

The good kind of tired after I’ve exercised.

A good book.

An e-mail from a friend that makes me laugh.

My iPod.


Things that used to be ridiculous but are now a fact of life:


People talking to themselves in bathroom stalls or as they wheel their carts down grocery aisles.  It used to be funny but now I assume they are on their cell phone.


People riding a bike and talking on a cell phone.


TV’s in every room in the house.


Gas for $3.89/gallon.


How casually young people use the “F” word and other sexually explicit terms.


Rap music


Young men walking around with their pants falling off their butts as a fashion statement.


Solar power.  No making fun here, I think solar power is da bomb and intend to use it in my house as soon as I figure out how to afford the necessary equipment.


Tongue piercing



I protest and object:


I protest that a 16 oz frozen bag of cauliflower has jumped from $1.25 to $2.29.


I object that $20 buys only 5 gallons of gas.


I object that I can’t buy tomatoes in my local grocery store because they were mistakenly accused of spreading salmonella.


I object to calories, on general purposes.  If we didn’t have calories, no one would be overweight.  Many health problems would disappear and perhaps health care would become more manageable. 


I protest any law that prohibits my use of my cell phone while I am driving until the law includes smoking, eating and drinking while driving.  Drive behind a person pulling out of the drive-thru at Taco Bell and trying to eat a taco and you will agree with me about what constitutes a danger while driving.


I protest signs that prohibit people from walking across the grass.  It’s grass, it grows on the ground, it’s made for walking on unless it’s just been fertilized or needs time to regenerate.


I object to mail on the weekends.  Give those guys the weekend off.  Let residences and businesses that want weekend delivery pay a small fee and use that money to lower shipping costs.


I object to truck stops that make truck drivers pay for coffee after they’ve dished out hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in fuel.  Give them a break, give them a cup of coffee to drown their sorrows.


I protest machines that charge to put air in my tires.  It’s air, it should be free.  If a fee is necessary to cover the cost of the machine it should be a nickel or dime and it shouldn’t run on a timer.


I object to people who chew with their mouths open in public.  Keep your food to yourself.  No particular reason, it just grosses me out.


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