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Men in Speedos

And now for some breaking Dallas news.  A reliable source tells me that there were five young men in Speedos waving signs on I-35E just before the I-45 exit in Dallas around 6:00 p.m. this evening.  My source was unable to determine what the signs said so their reason for making such a bold move remains unclear.  It is also unclear why men would consent to harnessing their manly bits in such unattractive attire and then stand on the side of a busy highway.

Much to my source’s (my husband who was on the telephone with me at the sighting) and my disappointment, he was unable to snap a picture.  *Sigh*  Maybe they’ll show up again next week.

If anyone has information on these daring young men in Speedos, inquiring minds want in on the joke.




We live in McKinney TX which is a suburb of Dallas so we are well aquatinted with the highway intersection you mentioned. Have no clue why five young men would trying to confuse drivers and am even more confused as to why any male of any age would ever wear SPEEDOS! But it was hotter than a fresh biscuit down here last night evening as I can attest to as my husband was playing softball at that time and I was sweltering in the bleachers! Have a good one!
I never did find out why men in speedos were waving signs along the side of a major freeway.



Wanna see guys in speedos, come for a visit..