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It's My Life and They Can't Have It

This morning I planned to take back my life but I overslept.  (Isn't that a great starting sentence?  It sounds like Stephen Wright line.)  It’s true though, determined to save myself from the overwhelming currents of life swirling around me like a tidal wave threatening to rush over my head, I made the decision rise an hour and a half earlier than the kids wake, walk the dogs, go for my run, and enjoy that time for myself.  I even set the alarm.  Then I slept through it which might indicate 1) maybe I don’t want to change my life (screw that I really need to make some changes before I turn into a crazy woman living underneath the nearest overpass); 2) I was very tired and therefore unable to do without that extra hour of sleep (probably more than a grain of truth there); or 3) I don’t really need to go for a walk, exercise, read, write or do anything other than answer to children 24/7 (OK, stop here, that overpass is sounding better and better).  So I am setting my alarm again, turning up the radio and plugging it in across the room.  I will have some time that doesn’t involve another person, especially another person who cannot vote yet.  If you are up around 6:30 can you send some wake up thoughts my way?  Just in case.


Tags: alarms, dog walking, running
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