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AskEarl and VBS


June at our house is a lot like December.  12 birthdays are noted on my calendar, two of my children, 1 grandchild and my husband are included on that list.  Add in Father’s Day and the cake and gifts go on forever.  It’s the 27th of June now and I am hoping not to see, bake or eat another birthday cake until late July.  Plus, I am out of gift cash. 

The birthdays tend to roll together – sing, wish, blow, unwrap presents – but Father’s Day stands out.  I am a woman blessed with a great Dad.  The kind of Dad that tribute books are written about.  My Dad knows something about everything.  Remember the website AskJeeves?  In our family we have AskEarl.  I do it, my brothers and sister do it, his secretary and even his friends do it.  If cheese comes from moldy milk, how come the different kinds taste so differently?  Do you believe in global warming?  Should I feed my dog fish oil?  Who invented kites?  My Dad just knows stuff and he’s more fun to talk to than Google.

I know stuff too.  One of my favorite things to know is that my Dad loves me.  It’s like holding a soft, warm, cuddly blanket inside of me.  I am one grateful little chick who appreciates the blessing of a loving father.  It’s been two days since we’ve spoken and I need to call him tomorrow.  I have to AskEarl about coffee bean trees.  I want to grow one and he’s sure to know how to go about it.

Vacation Bible School

Last week I couldn’t find time to write because we were immersed in Vacation Bible School.  Since my 4 grandchildren participate and my daughter helps with the younger children, I volunteer also.  For the last couple years I’ve finished the week totally spent, used up, hanging onto sanity by my fingertips.  Too much noise, too many people for too long a time made the week extremely difficult even though I enjoyed the children despite my shortcomings. 

This year it wasn’t nearly as bad.  As an empath I’ve learned (still learning) to block out other people’s energy so it doesn’t overwhelm me.  Meditating also changes my interior landscape and I find myself much calmer.  Observing the other teachers I had a revelation.  People are born with different genes and I think those who thrive in a room with 20, 3 year olds must possess a dominant chaos gene.  What else could explain their enjoyment in a situation that would make me want to lock myself in a closet and cry?  Others must’ve been born with a teaching gene.  I seem to have missed both of those genes but my strong tolerance gene allows me to appreciate and work with the 4th and 5th graders each year, assisting the teacher.  When I am overwhelmed, I just hang on and do what needs to be done until I can find a quiet corner for a minute or so to regroup.  It feels good to decipher my strengths and weaknesses so I can know what suits me as a volunteer.  To each, his own unique gene pool.

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