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Fragments of Life

25 January
My youngest years were spent in Northern Indiana until I went to the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming. I didn't do very well with my classes but I majored in my husband. Since we celebrate our 30th anniversary this summer, I guess I passed that class. Three children and four grandchildren later, I am still hoping to return to school to redeem myself. It's on the someday soon list.

Getting a degree was on the someday sooner list except a couple years ago my 4 grandchildren came to live with my husband and me. Our two younger children still live at home and now we have 4 more. Raising four unplanned children derailed all my happy plans of becoming an overnight sensation with my novels that I would publish with the speed of light. Delusional but enjoyable dreams of gradually changing from the minivan mom to the jaguar mom went away. I love my grandchildren and I wouldn't change the decision we made but I'd be lying if I didn't acknowledge that raising them has been the hardest decision we've ever made.

It's been almost three years and I am finally lifting my head and seeing that there is life again after diapers. Next school year, just a few months from now, I will have 5 in school all day and my son will be discovering the fun of living a dorm. Now is the time to dream again - to write my little stories, ponder ideas and work at appreciating instead of simple daily survival.

Life is good and since I can type that after cleaning up multiple areas of doggy throw up today, I am doing OK.